Afraid of Customer Reviews? A Word of Advice.

Are you hesitant about implementing ratings and reviews on your website because you’re concerned about negative comments?

It’s a common complaint. The US National Retail Federation’s Ellen Davis spoke about the issue to Brett Hurt, CEO of BazaarVoice, a social commerce technology company that powers ratings and reviews for 50 of the top 100 US retailers. Here’s what he had to say:

“Every day people are coming to your store and having experiences – positive and negative. You’re kidding yourself if you think all customers have great experiences, and the truth is that most unhappy customers won’t ever take the time to write a letter or complain to a manager. So, what happens? You see the negative effects in one way or another – defection to your competitors, high return rates, and decreasing sales. Why guess at what is happening when you can make it easy for consumers to communicate with you, and each other, so you can solve these problems and uncover new opportunities?

“You should also note that our research over the past four years has shown that over 80 percent of all reviews are positive – worldwide. There’s simply no reason to hide from reviews. They are proven to increase sales, decrease returns, lift customer loyalty, and transform the practices of your marketers and merchandisers. To think you can hide from the effects of word of mouth are misguided, and there is no debate about the positive, highly quantifiable effects of embracing it.”

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