Mobile Number 1 Priority for Australian Online Retailers

The latest Forrester Online Retailing in Australia study reveals that Mobile is now the most important priority for Aussie etailers. PowerRetail reports:

"For the first time, mobile is a higher investment priority for online retailers than an e-commerce platform, according to the just-released Forrester report, Online Retailing in Australia 2012. Multichannel retailers are leading the charge into mobile investment more so than pureplays. Fifty-four percent of multichannel retailers say mobile sites are a top technology investment, versus only 29% of pureplays claiming the same view.

That difference in focus isn't surprising: if you have a physical retail presence, mobile ecommerce is inevitably of greater importance and utility.

The full Forrester report “Online Retailing in Australia 2012: Mobile” is available here (for US$499). 

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