New Zealand eCommerce Statistics 2013 [Infographic]

Because infographics are so popular, we’ve put together this collection of New Zealand 2013 eCommerce statistics.

In one handy place, you’ll find:

  • How many NZ web users made at least one purchase online in 2012
  • How many New Zealanders now shop online, by age group
  • How much money will be spent online by Kiwis in 2013 and how much they’re expected to spend by 2016
  • How many Kiwis shop online by mobile and by tablet
  • What NZ Internet shoppers buy online, by category
  • How much NZ Internet shoppers spend in a typical month

The data comes from:

  • Statistics New Zealand Household Use of Information and Communication Technology 2012
  • Julian Prior, PwC interview:
  • The Nielsen Company, New Zealand 2012 The Year That Was
  • Roy Morgan Research, State Of The Nation, March 2013 [the graphic from this research comes from the NZ Herald story reporting the results]

If you’d like a copy of this infographic in full size (A4 width), email us at info (at) eCommerce (dot) org (dot) nz.

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