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Create an eCommerce Website in WordPress – 2016

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Why attend a web design class for $5000 when you can build a website with a YouTube tutorial? In this video we’ll walk through the entire process of creating an eCommerce website in WordPress.

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Learn new features!
– Membership pricing
– Make blog content exclusive to members
– Pay with Amazon
– Connect with Facebook
– Wishlist button

All of the items a customer wishlists or adds to the cart, along with their billing information, will be stored once customers login. The goal of the customer login and customer account page is of course to make them feel like they have a real purpose and interest in your site!

Free WordPress help club: http://thewordpressexperience.com/

Full Woocommerce WordPress plugin tutorial as well. Please place your thoughts in the comments – so excited to see what you make! Of course I’ll be around here to help.

View Video Notes http://www.dearblogger.org/create-ecommerce-website-wordpress-2016/
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Visit Demo Site http://comfyanimals.com/

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