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How to Create an Ecommerce Website in WordPress online store! – 2016

THE BEST!! Learn how to create a professional ecommerce website using wordpress!! Demo site: http://nyctechclubstore.com

Important links:
TUTORIAL: http://www.nyctechclub.com/how-to-create-an-ecommerce-website-with-wordpress/
HOSTGATOR: http://www.nyctechclub.com/hostgator/ (affiliate link)
FLATSOME THEME: http://www.nyctechclub.com/flatsome-t…

12:58 – Step 1: Get Domain and Hosting

16:10 – Step 2: Go to Email Inbox

16:27 – Step 3: Sign into Cpanel

16:47 – Step 4: Install WordPress

18:37 – Step 5: Log into WordPress Website

19:27 – Step 6: Get Flatsome Theme (ecommerce template)

20:25 – Step 7: Install Theme on WordPress Website

21:36 – Step 8: Install WooCommerce Plugins

22:38 – Step 9: Install WooCommerce Pages

23:11 – Step 10: Save Images

23:45 – Step 11: Upload Images

24:33 – Step 12: Modify WordPress Website Style/Color

32:30 – Step 13: Create Custom Logo

35:32 – Step 14: Create Homepage / Blog Page

39:45 – Step 15-A: Create Homepage Slider Block

55:09 – Step 15-B: Create Banner Row

1:03:20 – Step 15-C: Create Featured Product Row

1:06:08 – Step 15-D: Create Blog Post Section

1:10:03 – Step 16: Set up Product Page Options

1:11:33 Step 17: Add Products (simple products: 1:12:48 & variable products: 1:35:35)

1:48:28 – Step 18: Set Categories Options

1:53:55 – Step 19: Create Shop Page

1:59:58 – Step 20: Format Blog Page

2:01:31 – Step 21: Create Blog Posts

2:20:28 – Step 22: Create About Page

2:36:50 – Step 23: Create Contact Us Page

2:44:25 – Step 24: Create FAQ Page

2:53:37 – Step 25: Create Shipping and Returns Page

2:55:35 – Step 26: Create Terms & Conditions Page

2:56:32 – Step 27: Create Privacy Policy Page

3:00:14 – Step 28: Create Wishlist Page

3:01:57 – No Step: Create Why Page

3:05:24 – Step 29: Create Header Menu

3:16:58 – Step 30-A: Create Top Bar Navigation Menu

3:25:57 – Step 30-B: Create Footer Menu

3:28:22 – Step 31: Link Buttons to Pages

3:32:22 – Step 32: Set WooCommerce Settings

3:41:08 – Step 33: Test Transaction

This video teaches you how to make an ecommerce wordpress website and lets you customize it so you can build it any way you want 🙂

This tutorial teaches you how to create an ecommerce store with wordpress. If you’re looking to sell something, this is the ecommerce store for you!

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final words: Flatsome Theme Tutorial WordPress (please do not pay for any online tutorial for the flatsome theme. The Flatsome theme is super awesome and easy to use and the Flatsome theme provides so much documentation that anyone selling flatsome theme how to guides is scamming you and that’s not nice! We cover so much here you should be a flatsome theme expert by the end of the video – and you’ll have an ecommerce website done in wordpress if you follow along 🙂

Image credits for macarons and macaron pyramid: Dana’s Bakery LLC (check them out!! http://www.danasbakery.com)


What is E-Commerce?

Have you ever purchased something off of the internet? If the answer to that question is yes…well then congratulations my friend you’ve already played an active role in the wonderful world of e-commerce; a world that requires no physical cash to complete a transaction and sees goods conveniently delivered directly to your or, if you’re not in, your neighbour’s door, or the Post Office (if no one in the entire street is in, in which case the whole thing becomes a bit of a hassle as you most likely have to travel to pick up your goods). This video explains, in an informative and concise way, what e-commerce is all about.

If the answer to that question is no…well then this video will help fill you in on what exactly e-commerce (making a transaction online) is.

If this video hasn’t quite satisfied your thirst for e-commerce knowledge, or you want to getting involved in the selling of goods and/or services people can purchase online, get yourself in touch with Pea Soup Digital. You can do that here: http://www.peasoupdigital.co.uk/contact-us


How To Start An Online Store – The Best Ecommerce Platform

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I have always had a dream to become my own business owner but I did not know where to start. Once I found out how much I love making jewelry and how good at it I was immediately convinced that I should start my online business.

So I looked on the Internet and searched for how to start an online store and a ton of different options showed up. Me being a complete beginner I had no idea where to start, so I just went with the first thing I seen which was a platform called WordPress. Unfortunately nobody told me that WordPress was very complicated to someone new to setting up a website.

While on the wordpress platform I looked for a good shopping cart software and I did happen to find one but once I did I had no clue how to install it at all or set it up afterwards. I had so much nice jewelry and I was determined find the best ecommerce platform that I could.

After WordPress not working out, I also tried to hire an ecommerce website builder but it was way too expensive. Thousands of dollars just for a simple website to show people my jewelry. I knew there had to be a better way to do this, to get my brand out there.

I went through about 2 other platforms before I was ready to give up which included weebly and Wix. Both are good platforms but just not what I was looking for as far as the automation of my ecommerce website builder. After finding out that I was not going to be using either Weebly or Wix I was about ready to give up until I came across Shopify.

Shopify is by far the best ecommerce platform available today in my opinion. They go step by step in teaching you how to start an online store to properly brand yourself and makes it super simple for the end user to purchase your product and completely automate the entire sales process. They have an advanced shopping cart software that helps everything to run smoothly.

Shopify is a very simple ecommerce website builder with a wonderful shopping cart software, which helped me to be able to achieve over $1200 in one day of my jewelry product launch. I have successfully learned how to start an online store and have big plans on taking the future of my jewelry business to the next level.

If you are looking for the best ecommerce platform, give Shopify a try. You wont regret it.

Thank you so much for reading my review!

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