Digital Marketing Strategy: E-Commerce distribution

Tom Walsham, Director of Product, The Working Group (TWG), discusses the different e-commerce marketplaces startups can use to rapidly scale their customer acquisition efforts. He looks at how startups can identify the right channels for their product or service.


Create an eCommerce Website in WordPress – 2016

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Why attend a web design class for $5000 when you can build a website with a YouTube tutorial? In this video we’ll walk through the entire process of creating an eCommerce website in WordPress.

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Learn new features!
– Membership pricing
– Make blog content exclusive to members
– Pay with Amazon
– Connect with Facebook
– Wishlist button

All of the items a customer wishlists or adds to the cart, along with their billing information, will be stored once customers login. The goal of the customer login and customer account page is of course to make them feel like they have a real purpose and interest in your site!

Free WordPress help club:

Full Woocommerce WordPress plugin tutorial as well. Please place your thoughts in the comments – so excited to see what you make! Of course I’ll be around here to help.

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Create an eCommerce Website in WordPress – 2015 (last year’s demo)


How To Find Hot Selling Products For Your Shopify Store – Ecommerce Laboratory

If you have ever been stuck on What Products To Sell or How To Research If A Product Would Sell, in this video we’ll be going over in detail what are some foundational rules to follow and how we actually find products with high potential of selling extremely well.

Remember, the better research you do on your product research, the better chance of you having success with it and not launching product promotions blindly. But you have to get the process right.

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3 Common eCommerce Platforms Explained

3 Commone eCommerce Platforms Explained:

1. Magento
2. Bigcommerce
3. Shopify

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5 Best eCommerce WordPress Themes

Ultimate WordPress + WooCommerce Themes that are extremely customizable, easy to use and fully responsive. Suitable for every type of business, portfolio, blog and ecommerce sites. Style all major elements, layouts and typography in any way you’d like – without touching any code at all! DOWNLOAD BELOW:

Reviver – Multi-Purpose Responsive WordPress Theme

Avada | Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

X | The Theme

Porto | Responsive eCommerce WordPress Theme

BeTheme – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Event Booking Pro – WP Plugin [paypal or offline]:


Best Ecommerce Sites 2016-2017 | Sell Products Online

Looking for the best ecommerce platform?

Here’s a top list of the best ecommerce websites for 2016-2017.




Best Freelance Websites 2016-2017:



Amazon Store:




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The Best Shopping Cart eCommere Plugin for WordPress

WooCommerce is the best Shopping cart plugin for WordPress. With the largest support for extensions and add ons and the fact that it’s built by WordPress for WordPress makes it the most obvious choice for your eCommerce capabilities on WordPress. Learn more at


Watch How Easy it is to Create a Wix Ecommerce Website – Wix Online Store Review

Chances are that if you have tried to build a website in the past you have ran into or at lease saw the ads for Wix. Wix is a FREE and premium website builder platform that offers Wix Ecommerce Websites. Wix stores are their version of ecommerce websites. Over thirty million users have built online stores and wix ecommerce websites using the Wix platform. Wix’s simple drag and drop builder makes it super easy to create a stunning website in no time. But how easy is it to create a stunning website and an online store at the same time??

Before we dive into the ecommerce side of things lets go over a couple key points why we believe Wix is a great option for a small business owner or entrepreneur looking for an affordable website.

1. Wix has over 510 professionally designed website templates (click here to see some of our favorites)

2. Wix uses a pure drag and drop website builder – you decide where you want it to go and simply drag the element there

3. Wix Support – Wix offers 24/7 customer support, a large support forum, and a leraning center with tons of tutorials, videos, and demos

4. Wix App Market – Has over 230 apps that you can add on to your website, everything from creating a facebook store to email autoresponders.

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How to Create an Ecommerce Website in WordPress online store! – 2016

THE BEST!! Learn how to create a professional ecommerce website using wordpress!! Demo site:

Important links:
HOSTGATOR: (affiliate link)

12:58 – Step 1: Get Domain and Hosting

16:10 – Step 2: Go to Email Inbox

16:27 – Step 3: Sign into Cpanel

16:47 – Step 4: Install WordPress

18:37 – Step 5: Log into WordPress Website

19:27 – Step 6: Get Flatsome Theme (ecommerce template)

20:25 – Step 7: Install Theme on WordPress Website

21:36 – Step 8: Install WooCommerce Plugins

22:38 – Step 9: Install WooCommerce Pages

23:11 – Step 10: Save Images

23:45 – Step 11: Upload Images

24:33 – Step 12: Modify WordPress Website Style/Color

32:30 – Step 13: Create Custom Logo

35:32 – Step 14: Create Homepage / Blog Page

39:45 – Step 15-A: Create Homepage Slider Block

55:09 – Step 15-B: Create Banner Row

1:03:20 – Step 15-C: Create Featured Product Row

1:06:08 – Step 15-D: Create Blog Post Section

1:10:03 – Step 16: Set up Product Page Options

1:11:33 Step 17: Add Products (simple products: 1:12:48 & variable products: 1:35:35)

1:48:28 – Step 18: Set Categories Options

1:53:55 – Step 19: Create Shop Page

1:59:58 – Step 20: Format Blog Page

2:01:31 – Step 21: Create Blog Posts

2:20:28 – Step 22: Create About Page

2:36:50 – Step 23: Create Contact Us Page

2:44:25 – Step 24: Create FAQ Page

2:53:37 – Step 25: Create Shipping and Returns Page

2:55:35 – Step 26: Create Terms & Conditions Page

2:56:32 – Step 27: Create Privacy Policy Page

3:00:14 – Step 28: Create Wishlist Page

3:01:57 – No Step: Create Why Page

3:05:24 – Step 29: Create Header Menu

3:16:58 – Step 30-A: Create Top Bar Navigation Menu

3:25:57 – Step 30-B: Create Footer Menu

3:28:22 – Step 31: Link Buttons to Pages

3:32:22 – Step 32: Set WooCommerce Settings

3:41:08 – Step 33: Test Transaction

This video teaches you how to make an ecommerce wordpress website and lets you customize it so you can build it any way you want 🙂

This tutorial teaches you how to create an ecommerce store with wordpress. If you’re looking to sell something, this is the ecommerce store for you!

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final words: Flatsome Theme Tutorial WordPress (please do not pay for any online tutorial for the flatsome theme. The Flatsome theme is super awesome and easy to use and the Flatsome theme provides so much documentation that anyone selling flatsome theme how to guides is scamming you and that’s not nice! We cover so much here you should be a flatsome theme expert by the end of the video – and you’ll have an ecommerce website done in wordpress if you follow along 🙂

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