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NZ Post Launches Global Logistics

NZ Post has just launched its Global Logistics offering with a cute story set in the middle of Nowhere:

So what exactly is on offer?

Here’s a rundown of NZ Post’s Global Logistics services:

NZ Post has a worldwide network of locally-based agents to support the logistics process.

Whether you’re importing or exporting, NZ Post says it can ship, airfreight, consolidate and warehouse your goods in all key global markets.

They say that they can arrange:

  • Export/import air freight
  • Wharf and national transport
  • Customs, clearance, customs tariff, and consultancy
  • General warehousing
  • Container unpacking and packing
  • Warehousing 3PL and 4PL customer solutions
  • Full pick and pack operation
  • Full end mile national delivery and returns options
  • Inventory management
  • Sub-assembly kitting and co-packing
  • Full EDI options.

Global Logistics: Think Local

USA and Canada

If you’re trading in the United States and/or Canada, NZ Post’s agent has 36 offices in those markets, extensive transport options and six North American warehousing locations.

China and Asia

Whether you’re manufacturing in Asia and shipping from there or exporting to the region, NZ Post can help:

  • Labelling – Stock from your suppliers can be consolidated and warehoused in China. Labels can be replaced with local language labels to meet local regulations and then shipped to your stockists in each of your markets.
  • Kitting – Stock can be delivered to NZ Post’s warehouse in China from multiple suppliers around the world and then items combined ready for sale. Your stores can place orders directly with the warehouse for what they need, saving time and cost.
  • Effective freight solutions – By consolidating goods from multiple suppliers in China and combining them into one shipment, you can realise significant efficiencies. You can also ship goods directly to destination markets without bringing them into New Zealand first. To safeguard commercially sensitive information, pricing details can be withheld from documentation and costs billed direct in New Zealand dollars.

Europe and UK

By bulk shipping to Europe and the UK, and then using air and sea freight, trucking and state of the art warehousing to distribute within those markets, NZ Post says they could save you significant costs and meet your customers’ expectations for next day delivery within the Eurozone.

Worth Considering?

For more details, call the NZ Post Global Logistics Team today on 0800 501 501 or email a Global Logistics specialist.